Treatment on-demand

VONVENDI® was tested in a clinical trial for on-demand treatment.1

Real VWD patient Leslie standing on a rock with her outdoor outfit shares her on-demand treatment with VONVENDI®.

Trial design

VONVENDI, given with and without additional recombinant FVIII (rFVIII), was studied in 22 adult patients with different types of severe von Willebrand disease (VWD) to test how it would work to control a total of 192 bleeds. The first dose of VONVENDI was given with rFVIII; if further doses were necessary, rFVIII was given only when needed. Investigators rated bleed resolution according to a scale of "Excellent=1," "Good=2," "Moderate=3," or "None=4." Treatment success was defined as a mean efficacy rating score of less than 2.5 for all bleeding episodes.1,2

100% pie chart depicting that 100% of people had their bleeds successfully treated with VONVENDI®.

100% of people (18/18) had their bleeds successfully treated1b

97% pie chart depicting that 97% of 192 bleeds were rated as Excellent with VONVENDI®.

97% of 192 bleeds were rated as "Excellent," with the remaining 3% rated as "Good"1

82% pie chart depicting that 82% of 192 bleeds were cleared up after just one infusion of VONVENDI®.

82% of 192 bleeds were cleared up after just one infusion (ranges 1-4)1a

aYour doctor will decide if you may use VONVENDI by itself, or if you also require rFVIII along with VONVENDI, based on your clinical situation.1

bThis analysis excluded 4 of a total of 22 patients who were treated with VONVENDI in the trial.1

In the clinical study, an average of one infusion of VONVENDI (with or without rFVIII) (ranges 1-4) treated mild-to-moderate bleeding episodes. People who experienced a major bleed required an average of two doses (range 1-3 doses). In two cases, as many as three doses were needed to control bleeding.1

Treat and control bleeding
episodes on-demand

VONVENDI can be used on-demand by adults with VWD to control major
and minor bleeds in all locations, such as1:

Mouth bleeds icon.

Mouth bleeds

Nose bleeds icon.

Nose bleeds

Uterus icon.

Heavy menstrual

Colon icon.

GI bleeds

Joints icon.

Joint bleeds

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Leslie, Real VWD patient smiling.

Leslie's story

Diagnosed with VWD in 2003

"Once I was trained on how to do my own infusion, I infused on the eve of the surgery and again right before. I also infused after surgery—this was my normal for any surgery. I was amazed at how well this treatment worked for me."

"I try not to let my blood disorder get me down. As I tell my son, life is what you make of it. My adventure is not done; my story is not finished."

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Erica, Real VWD patient smiling.

Erica's story

Diagnosed with VWD in 1981

"I feel fortunate that there's been an increase in awareness when it comes to VWD, from diagnosis and available information to patient care."

"The doctor came back with a diagnosis: VWD type 2B. It was something I had never heard of before… but something that would change my life forever."

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Nicole, Real VWD patient smiling.

Nicole's story

Diagnosed with VWD in 2009

"Although I've faced many battles since I was diagnosed, the amount of support I had from all the other patients fighting the same battle gave me strength."

"I was experiencing nosebleeds that lasted 15 minutes or more almost every day. My new doctor told me I needed to manage my bleeds, and discussed beginning a treatment called VONVENDI."

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Doctor discussing with patient.
Use for surgeries

In adult patients with VWD, VONVENDI is approved to manage bleeds related to procedures.1

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  2. Gill JC, Giancarlo C, Windyga J, et al. Hemostatic efficacy, safety, and pharmacokinetics of a recombinant von Willebrand factor in severe von Willebrand disease. Blood. 2015;126(17):2038-2045.